Monday, 16 January 2012

Thanks for the beautiful disaster, John Locke

Disaster is maybe a strong word.

Not including this post, I now have three other previous posts to my name. I had twelve before, but after reading your book about how you sold 1,000,000 eBooks, I realized that if I was going to follow your advice, I needed to remove the 'fluff' from my blog. And that fluff resulted in nine posts deleted; hours that had been spent typing useless dribble and re-doing the ones that had information I really wanted to share, which still remained.


Whereas this was one of the more... humbling experiences: admitting half the stuff I wrote in here was useless, it has made me better. John Locke has made me better. And I know it will only bring positive changes for my future.

It is kind of like when I got David - my fiance, to read over and help edit my books. He paused at one of the more profound moments and told me he felt it would be beneficial for me to go into a bit more detail about the fiery Lower Levels. Well, once I started, the words and ideas didn't stop for two hours! Now, you may not think that is a lot because it isn't, but I had just finished writing the second book and I was over (at least for a week!) writing. I was so mad/thankful towards him. 

After a mini mind-tantrum about acknowledging that I needed to improve, I begrudgingly made the changes. Even so, it made me better.

So John and David are like the annoying, but handy hero's I needed. Although, I would have settled for Kai and his steamy grey eyes, fangs included.

Tannis Skye