Monday, 14 November 2011

I am no Steve Jobs, but Sax is

And I realize I am no Steve Jobs. I can't stand in front of you for hours and make you understand, enjoy and want to buy everything I just spent an hour talking about - even if I am one of those computer illiterate kinds.

I don't have his skills. So when I watched something that was going on while watching T.V that paid homage to the amazing accomplishments he achieved, I couldn't help but feel like I was watching an old friend.

He actually reminds me of a fun character I just started writing about in my second book. In fact, I would cast someone like Steve to play Sax if the second book in the series was ever made into a movie - with just a little more hair. Bush man him up a bit. 

Even if I didn't know how successful, or how brilliant Jobs is, just the way he speaks would have earned my attention. Both Sax and Jobs are calm, cool and oh-so collected. 

I watched the program, entranced by him - and I am one of these not-so-great-with-technology kinds. I wished I was sitting in that audience, applying nearly everything he said, into ways to propel my book. I was a little in-love with him in those sixty glorious minutes; the way his tall, skinny frame strode across the stage, looking everyone in the eyes. I would have been one of the many bright-eyed youngsters looking up at him, enthusiastic to learn; to sap some of his brilliance.

I would have shouted, "You inspire me!"

I would have done so loud enough for him to hear. He would maybe have blushed, I would have laughed - and likely mostly everyone else too.

I could imagine Jobs giving me a polite node and a "That's great!" before he launched into another piece of genius. 

It was funny watching Jobs, loving him, all the while, feeling like I was watching the character I created in my head, and smiling in wonder on how someone living (or was when the program was made) and someone fictional, like Sax, are one of the same.

Tannis Skye

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